Hey there my name is Rami. I'm a mother of two beautiful little girls and wife to an amazing husband.  I began this incredible journey five years ago when I had my very own boudoir session with a friend. When I saw my images for the first time I was just amazed! I thought to myself "Wow, I am beautiful even with all my imperfections." The smile, the tears of happiness all of the emotions of what I felt was something I wanted to gift to other women. A single image empowered the experience of feeling more confident.Boudoir is far more than just some "sexy" pose or an image. It is about the art of celebrating who you are right now. It is about embracing every bit of your imperfections and letting go all your insecurities. There is nothing stronger than building confidence in women especially moms. We live in a world where our body image has to be perfect, but if you look around you, no one is perfect. We each have our flaws and imperfects, but that is what makes us each unique. We are all BEAUTIFUL! This why I encourage women to embrace their bodies and celebrate who they are, right now. 

At the end of
the day, we can
endure much more
than we think
we can.
Frida Kahlo
My favorite Things my husband & children <3
sunsets in the summer
antiquing & auctions
the 1930s
front porches
old houses
traveling to new places
walking barefoot
the lake
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