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When it comes to finding that style that fits most everyone, We believe our style of photography and business is a bit different than some photographers. Our style allows for us to connect with many clients that have different styles and preferences.  We enjoy standing out and being different from the rest, and our work reflects these many different styles.  No two sessions are alike, which makes for a unique experience for each client. The classic art of boudoir is something we enjoy incorporating into every session, but at the same time, we enjoy stepping outside of that box to create masterpieces.  We love that boudoir can be simple and elegant but can also be edgy and bold.  This allows for each client to have best of both worlds in one session!





We firmly believe in building a trusting relationship with you from the start. We provide you with a one-on-one in-person /skype consult to learn ways to make your session entirely unique and personable. This will give you time to ask any questions you may have and also allow for us to get to know you better.  In our consult will go over you vision board, or if you have yet to create one, we will then start one.  Together will brainstorm ideas; create a customized wardrobe guide and vision board that is full of your favorite things.  We will also discuss more of the style you have in mind and then pick a location that best suits your style! We currently use local Bed & Breakfast in Virginia & New York for boudoir sessions.  *New Studio Coming Soon*  You will never be left in the dark during the planning for your session. We are always here to answer your text, calls or emails about anything because we know that you may be nervous which is completely normal.  One way to help ease you nervous is to practice looks and poses.  I encourage my clients to practice their “Look” in the mirror every single day until their session.  This look can be sexy, a smile, a hint of naughty—whatever you want that look to be.  Practice all different looks and get comfortable with them.  It will help you ease your nerves and give yourself a good laugh because you can’t ever be too serious!





Hair & make up is one of the most important elements that completely adds to your session. We only provide professional hair and makeup to all of our beautiful clients. This luxury makeover will be one of your favorite parts.  Once you see yourself in the mirror for the first time, it will make you feel like a million bucks!  This confidence booster will add fire to your soul. It will drive you to want to rock those sexy poses without any fear.  Your nerves will start to ease, and you will be able to relax and just have fun.

Nichole & Sparkle are extremely talented artist who can achieve any look from bold and fierce to sexy and natural. It is totally up to you!  These ladies will create the look you want that will highlight your already gorgeous self.  Meet our artist 




Now you have read through everything, and I bet you are pumped and ready to book!  We know you want the look of a model and that feeling of a day full of pampering so that you can feel like a million bucks!  What are you waiting for?   It’s time to think about yourself just this once. Strip down those insecurities and see your raw beauty hidden beneath those years of shaming yourself. Treat yourself to feeling more confident because after all, YOU DO deserve to feel beautiful because you ARE!  Take a chance and step outside of that comfort zone allow us to capture your beauty.   Face it, we are not getting any younger, so why not capture your current beauty on film for a keepsake? Seriously, everyone one should have at least ONE boudoir session in their life, regardless of age, size, color, or situation.  Empower yourself by booking today!


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