Meet Our Team:



Photographer / Owner:


Meet Ramilyn:

Ramilyn is the owner and photographer of Black Lace Boudoir.  She is a self-taught photographer with over 14+ years of photography experience.  Ramilyn starting photographing nature and the beauty around her as an escape from being bullied throughout her years in school. She found it to be a way to see beauty in the world when she struggled to understand the unkind heart of her classmates. The love of photography blossomed into far more than she ever expected. When her first daughter was born, she took a liking to photographing her daughter’s every move. Soon after that, she was approached by many admirers who wanted her to photograph their children as well. That is when Ramilyn started Ramilyn’s Photography.  After many years of dabbling in different forms of photography, she finally found something that had true meaning. That is when Black Lace Boudoir was created.  She has been photographing women for over five years now and has had the opportunity to connect with many amazing women throughout that time.  Ramilyn has the pleasure of photographing over 100s of women from doctors, lawyers, police officers and even teachers.  A good majority of her clients have been mothers and range in age from 25-60 years of age.  Ramilyn is well known in her community for her phenomenal talent and caring heart. She won Best Photographer in 2015-2016 with great honor.  In the last year, Ramilyn has made it her goal to take her dream to the next level as a self-taught photographer she has never given up on hopes of becoming notice for her ability to capture the art of a women’s body.  She believes that every woman deserves a day to feel pampered no matter what her size or age.  She continues to bring the best customer service to all of her clients along with her true passion in sharing with women their natural and real beauty in her work of art.








Meet Nicole:

My name is Nicole, but most of my friends call me Nikko. I reside in Richmond, Virginia along with my hubby and our little fur family of  5 kitties (YES, 5) Lola, Cali, Little Man, Kabuki and my baby Ella. #catcouple4life.  I am an avid thrift store junkie and find pleasure in revamping old things. I live for throwback jams (90’s music was the best), positive spirit obsessed with Target and enjoy binge watching old TV shows on Netflix to going out any night of the week! I’m a positive-spirited person. I love what I do, and I am extremely passionate about it. I feel that it’s super important to love what you do. When you do, it will reflect in your work!

The Juice….

I am a Professional Makeup Artist Specializing in Bridal Beauty! I have over 15+ years in the beauty industry and counting. My style of makeup ranges anywhere from Soft & Timeless to Red Carpet Ready & Glam!  I love all things wedding! The built up excitement leading up to that day, all the pretty flowers, the gorgeous dresses but most of all the wonderful stories I hear as I am getting the bride and her girls ready for her special day! ! Every story is different and special! I’m truly blessed and have the best job EVER!! I’m so honored when a bride chooses me as her Bridal Beauty Artist! It means so much to me and warms my heart to the core!