What is Boudoir?

So, what is boudoir photography exactly?

Boudoir photography is more than sexy images. Boudoir is empowering! There is nothing wrong with a woman embracing her sexuality and showing the world that she is beautiful and strong!  It allows for women to break down their insecurity and trust in their photographer to share with them their imperfects are beautiful.  Boudoir makes a great gift for brides-to-be, anniversary, birthday or just because!  I love that fact that boudoir can be used for many different forms to be able to create such a statement that comes with a life changing experience.  Boudoir is far from vulgar or nasty. It is a beautiful way of establishing the history of fine art and celebrating a women’s body.

In the last five years of mastering the art of boudoir, I have come across many people who do not understand what boudoir is.  The meaning of Boudoir originates from the French term meaning a women’s bedroom or private room.  In the late 18th century this term was frequently used describe a women’s dressing room.  The history of boudoir has a long tradition of a unique style.  It wasn’t until the 1920s when boudoir began to become a popular art among artist.  In those days it was illegal to have nudity in photographs though photographers like Albert Arthur Allen who was a French artist. He mainly focused on larger women posing in romantic ways against different backdrops and set ups.

The 1940s boudoir suddenly began to focus on what is still a popular trend, pin-up. This vintage style showcased curvy women posing in all different verity of outfits and props. Some posed next to cars or in a diner and even in a house set up.  It was very taboo, and many frowned upon the style of art.

It wasn’t until the 1970s when boudoir took a great hit among artist.  This was about the time when photography began to make its way into the professional world.  It wasn’t until then that boudoir became significantly more acceptable than before thought there were still some who felt it was a ridiculous way of sharing the beauty of women and even today there are still some who believe this.

In recent years boudoir has become a new trend among the photography world creating a new edgy style of art.  Boudoir has grown in style, but many photographers have achieved their style that fits their level of art.  Wedding photographers started offering it as an add on their wedding packages creating a sexy gift for the bride’s others half.  Now, you can find photographers like myself who only photograph boudoir and the main focus is creating stunning portraits for women.


When Should I schedule my session?

We highly recommend that you book at least 3-6 months in advance especially if you have a wedding or a date you would like your products by.  Our products can take up to 4 weeks, and we want to ensure all of our clients receive their products on their expected due date.


How long does the session take?

Our full session ranges from 1-2 hours which does not include your makeup and hair which is an additional hour.  We also offer petite boudoir sessions which are 30 minutes and include the same amount of time for make-up and hair.

What does it cost?

We offer three different sessions, lavish, petite and couples.  Select which session best fits your needs.  Products are no included in our sitting fees and are sold separately.  You can select from our premade collections or build your own through our a la carte option or simply add on to a collection. They are completely customizable to fit your needs and budget.  The average Black Lace Boudoir client invests 2500+ on their boudoir experience.


Where should I have it done?

Black Lace Boudoir provides our clients with a list of preferred venues located in Virginia & New York that offers exquisitely decorated rooms that will fit anyone’s style! These locations are all included in your sitting fee which leaves ones less thing for you to worry about.  We also shoot outdoors and love the option whenever a client is feeling daring to try something different.  Some locations may require a fee which will do no cover in the sitting fee.


What should I wear?

We are here to help you select the best lingerie for your body type.  The most important part is to find something you feel sexy in!  When you book we will send you a cool customized lookbook where you can see what types of lingerie is out there and which may be best for your boudoir session.  One tip I can give to any women always brings a bodysuit or a few!  They are so flattering on every woman and can be dressed up or down. They are perfect!


Should I bring anyone along?

What better way to enjoy a fun girls day out with your best friend!